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Pumps EVM

New vertical multistage centrifugal pumps in various versions: cast iron (EVMG), AISI 304 stainless steel (EVM), AISI 316 stainless steel (EVML) and WRAS approved (EVMW). Reliable, quiet and easy to maintain. They come with different numbers of stages and in different sizes to meet individual capacity and head requirements. Suitable for industrial and agricultural applications, fire fighting systems, pressure boosting (WRAS approved), water treatment plants, irrigation, hot and cold water movement for heating systems, cooling and air conditioners, especially suitable for boiler feed due to their sturdy construction. All the new EVM pumps can be coupled with standard IEC motors. The new vertical multistage pumps according to 94/9/EC directive on ATEX equipment (belonging to Group II, Category 2).



• Maximum working pressure: 16 bar 25 bar 30 bar (only for EVM32 - EVM45) • Liquid temperature: from -15°C up to +120°C from -15°C up to +85°C (for EVMW)


• Pump body, external casing, casing cover, impellers, diffusers, bearing sleeve, coupling guard and bolts in contact with liquid AISI 304 (EVM), AISI 316 (EVML), [EVMG version: bottom casing in cast iron] • Tie-rods and bolts not in contact with liquid in zinc coated steel • Shaft in AISI 316 • Bearing in contact with liquid in tungsten-carbide • Bracket and base in cast iron • Mechnical seal in SiC/Carbon/FPM (EVM3-EVM5-EVM10-EVM18) • Cartridge mechanical seal standard (EVM32-EVM45-EVM64) (F= round flanges; N= oval flanges)



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