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Sirio Entry

Модела Sirio Entry е спрян от производсто и е заменен от Sirio Universal.

Sirio Entry is an electronic device, employing inverter-based technology, which controls motor pump stopping and starting functions. Thanks to the particular type of technology used, it can modulate the frequency (Hz) of the motor’s input current to alter the speed (rpm) according to the water delivery rate required from the system. This way, the value of the pressure reaching the user appliances is maintained constant all the time and the motor's absorption is always proportional to the actual system requirements, resulting in notable energy savings over time.


  • Constant pressure due to motor pump speed regulation
  • Energy savings due to less pump absorption
  • Gradual pump start and stop reduces hammering
  • Protection against dry running in the event of water shortage during intake
  • Automatic reset in the event of dry running, with autonomous error condition recovery
  • Efficient leakage monitoring to protect pump in the event of repeated restarts
  • Digital pressure display
  • Operation/error status signalling via LEDs and on-screen alerts
  • Auxiliary contact for remote control, pair connection or double set-point
  • Soft-start can be enabled to allow a gradual start of the motor pump
  • Possibility of interfacing two devices as part of the pressurisation units


Power mains supply: single-phase, 230Vac ±10% - 50/60Hz

Motor power supply: single-phase 230V~

Maximum power absorption: 1500W – 2Hp

Maximum motor phase current: Sirio Entry: 10.5A (rms) - Sirio Entry XP: 14 A (rms)

Max. line absorption: Sirio Entry: 12A - Sirio Entry XP: 16 A @ 230V~

Max. allowable pressure: 800 KPa (8 bar)

Max. liquid temperature : 50°C

Max. theoretical flow rate: 150 l/min – 9m3/h – 9000 l/h

Set-point adjustment range: 1.5÷7 bar

Start pressure adjustment range: 1÷ 6.7 bar

Hydraulic connection: 1”¼ male-male

Frequency modulation range: 25÷50 Hz (30-60Hz optional)

Degree of protection: IP X5

Weight: 1.6 Kg

Dimensions: 254x147x143 mm

Ambient operating temperature: 5°±45° C



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