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Помпи BE-M 20

This is a classic self priming lateral liquid ring pump with starry impeller. This particular type of hidraulics provides the pump with an extraordinary self priming capacity, also in absence of a continuous flowing of the liquids in suction ( presence of air or other gases ). It is particulary made for the transfer of liquids such as WINE, MUST, SALTY AND SOFT WATER, MILK, OIL, GASOIL, whose viscosity is not over 30 degrees CENTISTOKES or over 4 degrees ENGLER. The fluids to be conveied are to be neutral and clean or contain in suspansion only a small percentage of solids ( 0.2-0.5% max). They are to have a hardnes and granulation which prevent the damage of the inside pump surface. Yet a narrow mesh filter can be mounted on the suction piping.

Модели и цени

Модел Напреж. (V) Мощност (kW) Макс. дебит (m3/h) Макс. напор (m) Цена* В количката
BE-M 20  220  0,37  1,7  24  178 лв. 

* цените са с ДДС.


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