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FLUIDA Ltd. is established in 1994.
The main activity of the company is import, supply, whole and retail sale of pumps and pump equipment. FLUIDA’s main suppliers are European and American producers with proved experience and goods quality. For the bigger part of these suppliers FLUIDA Ltd. is the only agent in Bulgaria. 
FLUIDA has considerable experience in projecting and realizing of installations, guarantee and after-sale service and subscription for maintenance.

FLUIDA offers to its customers goods and services with very high quality and competitive prices thus strengthening its position as a respected competitor on the Bulgarian market.
FLUIDA’s main priorities are big variety and quantities of goods on stock, including spare parts stock. FLUIDA is preparing projects, making installations, doing service and maintenance works, thus ensuring complete service for the customers.   
FLUIDA has its own offices and warehouses in Varna and Sofia and sub-distributors in 13 of the biggest Bulgarian towns.
FLUIDA has been certificated by EN ISO 9001:2000 standard, which is a good guaranty for high quality complete services for the customers.
FLUIDA’s stuff is of young and ambitious, high-qualified specialists, who are strictly pursuing the main aim of the company – meeting the needs of the customers on time, offering high quality services and loyalty towards  suppliers, partners and competitors.

FLUIDA is concerned to the environment problems and rationally usage of nature resources, and gives courage to the customers in saving water and power.

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