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Системи FFS-FFB

The EBARA FFS-FFB type pressure boosting units are applied in the automatic activation water supplies for the automatic fire fighting units in compliance with European Standard UNI EN 12845.

Functioning principle
As established by the UNI EN 12845 Standard, if the firefighting unit supply pumps intervene, they are started by a pair of pressure switches via an electric control panel supplied with each pump and they must function continuously until stopping, which only occurs with a manual
control. The start-up of the supply pumps can cause simultaneous activation of an acoustic and luminous long distance indicator. The small flow rate jockey pump (pilot), intervenes in the case of small system leaks and is started and stopped automatically by its own
electric control panel and relative pressure switch calibrated at a pressure value slightly higher than the pressure switch value of the supply pump. Stopping takes place when system pressure is resetd. The acoustic - luminous indicator also signals a missing phase, the voltage, lack of water and any incorrect position of the shut-off valves both in discharge and suction. The electric control panels are equipped with pump running signals.

Standards and regulations

The FFS-FFB firefighting pressure boosting units are designed and built in compliance with the following Regulations and Standards:
• UNI EN 12845 Standard, extinguisher appliances, water supplies for automatic systems
• UNI EN 12845/10779 Standard, extinguisher systems - Hydrant networks
• 2006/42 EEC Machinery Directive
• 2006/95/CE Low Voltage Directive
• 2004/108 Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
• European Standards:
EN60204-1; IEC EN60439-1; EN61000-6-4; EN61000-6-2
Conditions for use
The FFS-FFB firefighting pressure boosting units can be used exclusively as envisioned in the UNI EN 12845 LH, OH, HH Standard, in the automatic activation water supplies for the automatic fire fighting units in civil and industrial activities. The water conveyed must not contain solid bodies and fibres in suspension or vegetation and without aggressive and corrosive chemical substances (UNI EN 12845 8.6).
• Minimum temperature of the water conveyed is 0°C, max temperature 40°C (25°C for submersed multistage pumps)
• Environment functioning temperature is 4°÷40°C at a height not exceeding 1000 m a.s.l.
• Max. relative humidity 50% at +40°C
NB: possibly the pumping unit must be installed underhead (UNI EN 12845)
NB: each pump must have its own independent suction pipe (UNI EN 12845).




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