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Brio Tank

Brio Tank is a device that enables pumps, with a minimum prevalence of 2 bar, to start and stop automatically, with regard to a drop in pressure (opening of the taps) and to the stopping of the flow through the system (closing of the taps) respectively. Should the water supply be interrupted for any reason, Brio Tank performs the important function of stopping the pump, thus protecting it from harmful dry running.
It is also able to restart automatically, by means of an inbuilt timer, to check for the eventual presence of water (this function is only available for versions with automatic reset function).
The integrated 0.4 Lt expansion tank reduces unwanted pressure surges as well as “pump cycling” which may arise due to the presence of small leaks within the system.
The inbuilt pressure gauge makes it easier to control the pressure within the system; moreover any leaks in the system itself are easily identified.

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Brio Tank   

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Power Supply: 115-230VAC ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Stand-by power consumption: < 0, 25W
Max current: 12 A
Cut-in pressure range: 1 ÷ 3.5 Bar
Maximum allowed pressure: 10 Bar
Gross volume of pressure tank: 0,4l
Factory pre-charge pressure of the tank: 1.0Bar
Maximum water temperature: 50°C
Minimum ambient temperature:  5°C
Maximum ambient temperature: 50°C
Storage Temperature: -10÷50°C
Hydraulic connections: 1” GAS male
Protection degree: IP 65
Type ( Ref. EN 60730-1 ): 1.C
Pressure gauge:  Ø 40mm 0:12 bar/0:170 psi



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