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SPIN - electronic flow switch

ELECTRONIC FLOW CONTROL SWITCH Spin is a device for protection against dry operation of the electric pumps and other similar equipment. It can also be used for automatic start-up and shutdown of the electric pumps that collect water from water reserves placed at a certain height. On start-up, the device activates the electric pump and keeps it in operation, provided a specific water flow is present in the pipeline. When the flow in the pipeline falls to zero, a timer is activated which delays shutdown of the pump after a time interval settable in the device. The pump is also started up when the valve inside the device is activated by a pontaneous transit of water (for example under gravity when water is collected from a higher position).

Модели и цени

Model Price*
Spin - без кабел   
Spin - с кабел   
Spin - с кабел и контакт   

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Power supply: 230/115V~ ± 10% - 50/60Hz Max. current: 12A Timer setting range: 10 – 180 seconds Default timer setting: 10 seconds Max. pressure: 10 bar Max. liquid temperature: 55°C Protection rating: IP44 (version with electric socket) IP 65 (version without electric socket) Type (ref. EN 60730-1): 1.B Connections: inlet 1” G MALE - ISO 228 outlet 1” G FEMALE - ISO 228



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