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6" Hi-Temp Motors

Some pumping applications require more – and Franklin’s Hi-Temp Motor line delivers just that – more. The Hi-Temp motor was designed and built in response to many requests for a motor that can operate dependably in wells with high temperatures and/or low flow conditions. The Hi-Temp 90C 6” motor utilizes a new, premium encapsulation process and new water soluble coolant to allow continuous operation in water temperatures of up to 90ºC (provided minimum allowable rates of flow past the motor are maintained). In addition, this design is capable of handling thrust loads 25% higher than a standard motor without using oil. Franklin’s Hi-Temp 90C is the right choice for your demanding, high temperature well applications.



• Up to 194°F (90°C) ambient temperature. • 25% increase in upthrust capability at 30°C • 25% increase in downthrust capability at 30°C • Wet Well, Reservoir, Low Flow approved in 12” diameter or larger wells with ambient water up to 87°F (30°C) • High temperature leads • Hermetically sealed stator • Innovative high temperature winding encapsulation system • FE water soluble, high temperature bearing lubrication • Double-flange NEMA mounting for ease of handling and pump mounting • Stainless steel splined shaft for maximum shaft/coupling contact • Full 3450 RPM 60Hz design point for superior pump performance • SAND FIGHTER™ Sealing System • Franklin Electric’s exclusive Water-Bloc™ lead connection • 316 SS AWD, Y-Δ and non-vertical designs available - consult factory



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