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The H/C series pumps have been designed expressly to solve the problems of dirty liquids with threads and solids in suspension where traditional pumps cannot be used. All the internal parts of the H/C pumps have been built with the problems deriving from the handling of particularly dirty liquids with solids and threads in suspension in mind. The handling of difficult liquids often goes with extreme operational conditions such as high temperatures or the need to place the pump in awkward positions which tend to impede optimum pumping service. The H/C series pumps are entirely in AISI 316. H/C pumps parts are produced using modern processing technology including: -thickness stainless steel is diepressed - a second phase where the product is processed in automatic equipment - a final stage where welding is done on automated lines



Помпена част и вътрешни компоненти изцяло от неръждаема стомана AISI 316

Отворено работно колело: изцяло от неръждаема стомана AISI 316, подходящ за мръсни течности и с наличие на частици

Механично уплътнение: ротационно механичен тип.



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