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Electrical sanitary pumps called LT. LT series offers 4 models at 2800 RPM with capacities from 50 up to 900 lt/min and heads up to 30 metres. Besides, there are 4 models at 1400 RPM with capacities from 50 up to 600 lt/min and heads up to 12 metres. LT series pumps have been designed and manufactured in order to ensure the highest hygiene and to avoid every kind of contamination of the pumped liquid.

Advantages offered by LT model:

- internal and external polishing to ensure more hygiene and higher resistance to corrosion

- an easy disassemby, without use of tools, for a complete inspection&

- manufactured in order to avoid internal foulings of pumped fluids

- stainless steel motor protection and stand with feet - motor B3/B5, in accordance with UNEL-MEC standards




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