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Panther - DC

Made to complete the Panther range for transferring diesel fuel, these pumps are of the rotary vane type, self-priming, with high flow rate and easy operation and installation. Besides featuring an integrated bypass valve and suction filter, they are also equipped with a mechanical seal that ensures a high standard of reliability even at low operating temperatures. The version 24/12 can be used with both tension. Compact, safe and reliable, they can be fitted to earthmoving machines, mobile dispensers on motor vehicles and fixed dispensers in case only battery power.

Модели и цени

Model Voltage (V) Capacity (m3/h) Total head (m) Price* Add to cart
Panther 56 DC 12V  12  3.3  15  318 BGN 
Panther 72 DC 24/12 V  24  4.2  15  419 BGN 

* The prices are with VAT.


• Pump body in cast iron with anti-corrosion treatment and painting. • Support base. • Pump of the blade type with sintered steel rotor and acetalic resin vanes. • Mechanical seal. • Incorporated bypass valve. •D.C. motor with brushes and permanent magnets. • Connector block with ON/OFF switch. • Protection fuse. • Degree of protection IP55. • Filter 100 μ incorporated in pump body, easy access for maintenance. • Threaded 1” coupling directly on pump body.



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