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Double skin tanks

Double-skin horizontal cylindrical tanks made in S235JR carbon steel according to UNI EN 10025 designed and manufactured in compliance with UNI EN 12285-2, made with shell plates and dished ends; all joints will be submerged arc-welded.



• Ø 600 mm access manhole complete with gasket and bolted cover.
• Loading access port with lockable quick cap and overfill protection valve.
• Vent provided with flame arrestor net.
• Suction line provided with foot valve and filter.
• Aluminium-made dip stick calibrated gauge to manually measure the fuel level. Alternatively: a) mechanical floating level gauge; b) magnetostrictive level probe (ES Level).
• LAG14-type leak detection system, connected to the double-skin inlet connection. The interstitial space is filled with anti-freeze mono-propylene glycol solution, which is a non-toxic, non-contaminating liquid.


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