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ST Dispenser

ST diesel fuel transfer stations are the fruit of careful design and are a modern and economical solution for the private refueling sector. Easy to install, versatile and compact, they are used wherever it is necessary to fill mobile tanks or interact with the distribution unit. Stations equipped with meters provide an accurate measure of the product dispensed and allow a useful and practical periodic check on consumption. Stations are available in a complete range of flow capacities and motors to satisfy every need.

Модели и цени

Model Power (V) Power (kW) Flow rate (l/min) Price*  
ST Panther 56 K33  220  0.37  56  706 BGN 
ST By pass 3000/12V  12  0.14  40  688 BGN 
ST By pass 3000/24V  24  0.16  40  688 BGN 
ST BIPUMP 12V K33  12  0.3  80  1253 BGN 

* The prices are with VAT.


Groups are available with various equipment as listed in the table. All are provided with aspiration filters, check valve with filter and gun support. The length of the dispensing tube is 4 meters (6 meters upon request). The ST group can be integrated with a metal housing to protect the components. All accessories necessary to complete the installation are also available.



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