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DEPUROIL is the ideal tool for decontaminating oil by removing suspended particles. The unit's application is in situations where hydraulic systems or machinery lubrication requires that the circulating oil be free from impurities. The filtering unit is composed of a volumetric vane pump that suctions the oil to be purified, sending it through a high-filtering capacity cartridge filter that removes the impurities. The unit is equipped with helically wound transparent suction and discharge tubes for easy control of operations. Filter clogging is revealed by a manometer installed on the filter head. Its support is wheeled for ease of movement and use. Easy to use and maintain, it is the ideal piece of equipment to decontaminate oil simply and cleanly.



Flow-rates from 25 to 30 l/min (5,28 ÷ 6,6 gal/min), according to the clogging of the filter. Continuous Operation. Noise less than 70 dB. Filtration Capacity 10 μ.


• Рама с колелца покрита с анти-корозионна боя

• Обемна пластинчата помпа с бай-пас

• Вентилационен двигател със степен на защита IP 55 с термична защитa и изкл. ключ.

• Сменяем патрон и хартиен филтър с капацитет 10 µ.

• Манометър

• Прозрачни тръби



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