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Cartridge filter - 30 micron

Oil/water separating filter. The delivery filter is a water-absorbing cartridge. This provides extra protection for engines that are refuelled at the station. These filters separate and absorb any water that may be found in the diesel fuel. The absorption of water gradually reduces the filtering capacity and increases the head loss caused by the filter. The filter must be replaced when it becomes saturated.

Модели и цени

Model Part number Price*
Филтър с воден сепаратор 70 l/min  011698000   
Патрон за филтър с воден сепаратор 70 l/min  F00611010   

* The prices are with VAT.


• Filtering capacity: 30 µm • Flow rate: 60 - 100 l/min • Operating pressure: 3.5 bar • Bursting pressure: 10 bar



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