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E80 - E120

Displacement, self-priming, rotary electric vane pumps for transferring diesel fuel. All models equipped with by-pass valve. Powerful, dependable and economical, they are also available with single and three-phase AC motors. Thanks to their compact size, ease of installation, dependability and safety, they are used to equip fuel pumps for private use, fixed systems for transferring fuel and other industrial applications.

Модели и цени

Model Voltage (V) Power (kW) Capacity (m3/h) Total head (m) Price* Add to cart
Помпа E 120 M  220  0.75  15  669 BGN 

* The prices are with VAT.


• Cast iron pump body with anti-corrosion treatment and paint. • Vane pump with sintered steel rotor and acetal resin vanes. • Incorporated by-pass valve. • Induction motor with aluminum casing and anchoring brackets. • Protection grade IP55. • Suitable for continuous service with thermal motor overload protection. • 1" flanged connectors, external filter.


• тяло на помпата-чугун с антикорозионно покритие
• пластинчата помпа със стоманен ротор
• вграден бай-пасен клапан
• ел. двигател с алуминиев корпус
• клас на защита на двигателя IP55
• подходящи за продължителна работа с термична защита
• 1” фланец, външен филтър



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